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For better service and streamlined operations, a new procedure has been implemented surrounding equipment loans to campus.

All loaner equipment for on-campus events taking place outside of the Pryzbyla Center, including laptop computers, is provided through Facilities Administration & Services (FAS). Equipment is available for loan through FAS for on-campus events, such as seminars. The request form can be accessed by navigating to the following website: and clicking Special Events.

Equipment loans for other faculty/staff use is provided through Technology Services. Technology Services has a limited number of laptop computers and a conference phone available for loan up to one week duration should faculty or staff need to borrow for conference travel, or if their laptop computer is out for repair. To place a request through Technology Services for this purpose, please email

Use Internet Explorer to complete the following space request form; other browsers will generate errors.

Faculty, staff, or CUA student members of a registered student organization may use the on-line form to reserve space and equipment for meetings and events related to their department or organization.

Scheduling timelines:
  • Requests may take three (3) working days to process for space assignments.

  • Based on the co-curricular scheduling policy, academic spaces cannot be reserved 1) until the academic classroom schedule has been released for each term (usually after the fifth day of classes) or 2) during finals week of each semester in order to accommodate adjustments to the academic schedule.

  • Service providers (CUA Dining Services, DMS, FMO, and CUA Sound Services) may need additional time to process requests.

  • Vans: Three university vans are available for rental to CUA student organizations, departments and offices for university related purposes; additional information can be found online.

    Technology Requests: The division of Instructional Technology coordinates requests for technology in spaces outside of the Pryzbyla Center; in addition, Instructional Technology coordinates the borrowing of equipment for loan. Equipment and classroom technology services are requested by logging in at the bottom of this page and completing the request form.

    Your responsibilities:
  • Reserve space.

  • Contact support services to submit service requests.

  • Make arrangements to ensure the facility is cleaned and returned to its original configuration upon completion of the event.

  • Cardinal Catering


  • Users of CUA facilities agree to abide by all CUA policies as well as applicable District of Columbia and Federal laws and regulations, including but not limited to:

    1. Alcohol: Alcohol may be served, by a licensed pourer, at officially sanctioned university events sponsored by student organizations or university departments. Guidelines for planning events where alcoholic beverages are served are available in the Office of Campus Activities.

    2. Parking: On-campus parking is by permit only. Contact Campus Transportation Management and Identification Office for more information.

    3. Posting: All fliers publicizing events on campus must be in accordance with the posting policy.

    4. Disability issues: Catholic University must ensure that all of its programs and activities are accessible to those who wish to attend; resources can be found online with Disability Support Services.

    5. Food: Food or beverages are not permitted in classrooms or academic auditoriums.

    6. Co-sponsored events: Organizations not directly affiliated with The Catholic University of America or CUA faculty, staff, and students representing private groups or interests should go to Conferences and Pryzbyla Management.

  • In the event of an emergency or problem with the facility, contact Public Safety at x5111. If the university experiences an emergency closing, then all events are cancelled. Call x5000 or check CUA Home for updated information on the closing status of the campus.

    You may want to print this page for future reference.

    First time requesting space? Use this help tool as a guide.

    Please enter your CUA user name and password.
    I have read and understand the above policies.

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    If the university experiences an emergency closing, all events are cancelled.
    Check CUA Home for information on the closing status of the campus.

    For technical problems, please contact the Information Center by email or at (202) 319-4357.
    For questions relating to events, please contact Conferences and Pryzbyla Management.

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